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Rules of Conduct for Athletes


  - Be completely honest. Tell the whole truth. Do not be sneaky.
  - Do not do anything you think is wrong. Stand up for your beliefs. Show commitment and courage. Keep your promises.
  - Do the right thing even when the cost is high.


  - Treat opponents, teammates, referees and others with respect and courtesy. Do not use insults, negative cheers or name-calling.
  - Do not use violence to settle disputes. Do not hit, shove or threaten to hurt anyone



- Think before you act. Think about consequences, how your actions today can affect you and others in the future.


- Take responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Do not blame others for what you did or take credit that doesn't belong to you.


- Always control yourself. Do not lose your temper. Do not throw things, scream, hit others or use bad language.



- Play fair and with honor. Play by the rules. Never cheat.


- Give everyone a fair chance. Help your team and community.


- Adhere to both the letter and spirit of the rules.



- Treat others the way you would want to be treated.


- Never intentionally injure any player or engage in reckless behavior



- Obey laws and rules. Remember it is unfair for some people to play by the rules while others do not.


- Listen to your coaches, referees and your parents. Respect authority.